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Lake Shiner Bellfly
Our current line of 2 to 3 inch mylar and tinsel flies tied on special tubes. Great for all Trout and Salmon species
Lake Shiner Bellfly #13 White, Pearl
Lake Shiner Bellfly Mags
Our current line of 4 inch mylar and tinsel flies tied on special tubes. This fly puts alot of big Kings in the box.
Lake Shiner Bellfly Mag.#24M Blue Ice and Glow
Rainbow Reapers
Our current line of 1-1/2" to 2" flies tied directly onto a Mustad #2 wide gap treble hook. Deadly on Rainbow Trout.
Rainbow Reaper #RR10 Glow and Pearl
Lake Shiner Ponytails
Our current line of 2" flies tied on special tubes. Great choice for Coho Salmon and Rainbow Trout.
Lake Shiner Ponytail #16P
Hybrid Flies
Our current line of 4" flies are custom made with our own special blends. An excellent example is our Rainbow Smelt #107 . Works well on the Dipseys.
Rainbow Smelt #107 (Works well on the Dipseys)
Our current line of 3 inch custom layered flies. These will make your line scream when those big ones get on!
Screamer #97

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